How can you save human resource cost for cloud computing operations ?

The world of business has witnessed a digital transformation over the past few decades, with cloud computing playing a pivotal role in revolutionising the way companies manage their operations. Among various advantages offered by cloud computing, one stands out – the potential to drastically reduce human resource costs. This reduction can be achieved by outsourcing cloud computing operations to specialized service providers. In this article, we will explore how outsourcing cloud computing operations can significantly reduce human resource costs for businesses.

Biggest Disadvantage of In-House Cloud Engineering Operations: The Non-Linear Graph

One of the most significant disadvantages of managing cloud computing in-house is the non-linear relationship between resource requirements and costs. The graph of HR cost versus demand can resemble a series of jagged mountains, where demand can fluctuate unpredictably. If the cloud infrastructure is setup correctly according to best practices, human resource engineering tasks mountains will be quite scarce.

1. Cost Comparison: Maintaining an in-house cloud computing team can be costly. Companies need to hire, train, and pay salaries and benefits to a full-time staff capable of addressing these fluctuating demands. This can result in significant overhead costs that are not only difficult to predict but can also lead to substantial inefficiencies during periods of low demand.

2. Round-the-Clock Resources: Cloud computing systems often require 24/7 monitoring and support. Ensuring this level of service in-house means that a team needs to be available around the clock, leading to increased labor costs and the need to manage shift work.

3. Accounting for Vacations: Employees typically require time off for vacations, sick leave, and holidays. Managing these absences without compromising the continuity of cloud services can be a complex task, further driving up the costs.

Outsourcing Advantages: The Solution to the Non-Linear HR Cost Challenge

Outsourcing cloud computing operations offers a viable solution to the non-linear HR cost challenge. Here are some of the key advantages of outsourcing cloud operations:

1. Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Outsourcing providers typically offer robust SLAs that guarantee specific service levels. This provides businesses with the assurance that their cloud systems will be consistently maintained and monitored, regardless of fluctuations in demand.

2. Fear of Losing Account: Outsourcing companies have a vested interest in keeping their clients satisfied. They often have a strong financial incentive to maintain their client relationships, which leads to a high level of service quality and responsiveness.

3. Serving Many Client Accounts: Outsourcing providers often serve multiple client accounts, which means they have a broad pool of expertise and resources. This expertise can be invaluable when addressing complex issues, as their experience extends to a wide range of cloud computing challenges.

4. Efficiency: Many engineering operations in cloud computing can be completed within a relatively short amount of time. Outsourcing providers are equipped to handle these operations efficiently and cost-effectively.

5. Overseas Outsourcing : Many Asian and African cloud companies with competent cloud staff charge 50% or more lower then in developed nations. Many companies residing in american and European continent prefer to outsource to these companies to reduce costs. Obviously there is always a SLA adjoining contract to ensure there is no quality deficiency.

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