Amazon adds CIS Benchmark assessment option for AWS Inspector service

In the expansive realm of AWS services, Inspector has broadened its capabilities by now offering support for Center of Internet Security (CIS) Benchmark assessments, specifically targeting operating systems housed within Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. This enhancement aligns with the CIS Security Benchmarks program, which furnishes organizations with well-defined, unbiased, consensus-based industry best practices to evaluate and enhance their security protocols. Notably, AWS proudly holds the status of a CIS Security Benchmarks Member company.

Delving into its role as a vulnerability management service, Amazon Inspector perpetually conducts scans across AWS workloads, meticulously uncovering software vulnerabilities, code irregularities, and inadvertent network exposures throughout the organizational landscape. Upon activation, Amazon Inspector dynamically identifies all Amazon EC2 instances, container images stashed in Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), those embedded within continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools, along with AWS Lambda functions. This process, executed at scale, ensures constant vigilance for known vulnerabilities, presenting a unified, consolidated overview of vulnerabilities across the spectrum of computing workloads.

The availability of Amazon Inspector CIS Benchmark assessments extends across all AWS Regions where Amazon Inspector has established its presence.

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