Digital Marketing


Search engine optimization is the process of tuning web properties available on internet , with an aim to highlight its presence through and for search engines , preferably major and popular ones. Just like 3+3×3 is not 18 , but 12 , similarly proper application of SEO techniques and guidelines makes the isolated web property visible on internet , which is usually languishing in a tight corner.

Our Offerings

Usually service providers pitch for keyword recommendation and off-page techniques which nowadays are obsolete as search engines have evolved immensely and are much more smarter then before. Keywords do matter sometimes but SEO is not about keywords only , it is 1000% much more. We strive to give you that 1000% , which is a major part of product lifecycle.


Major components of a strong SEO strategy are part of our offerings, which are :

– Schema Mark-up implementation and optimization

– Tags optimization

– Page speed optimizations

– Social Media recommendations and automation

– Prioritize Visual Content and Design

– Real-time topic and keyword recommendation engine

– Directory Submission